Friday, May 1, 2009

virginity should be lost in a park not a bedroom.

i haven't ever seen the movie "taxi driver" but that doesn't mean i don't love Jodie Foster in her first big screen role. if not for the bold choice of role, as a child prostitute, but for the amazing fashion that she shows.  now this all came about when i arrived at Max's house to find a small underage gathering taking place in the games room. and by small gathering i mean the 9-11 boys and girls fornicating all around the bedroom and pool table. unfortunate though for the young couple trying to get some in max's brothers bedroom,  to be busted in on by Fletcher (Max's brother) and coincidentally bashed in the face by the door while they tried for a swift exit. fairly hilarious as you see this truly awkward moment made so much more by the utter humiliation of having a slightly swollen face.
but truly. the opportunity to spawn is always going to exsist. and if it goes away. find someone new to keep it interesting.
never let it be dull.

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