Thursday, May 28, 2009

When the medication wears off at this time.. Energy lags SO BAD.

The colour.
The shine.
The cut.
The jacket.
The top.
Everything about this SCREAMS 80s Mum.
Especially when you get to the high-waisted Mum jeans.My hair is being done tomorrow.
New extensions.
New colour.
Fringe back.
Sick of semi-intense hair.
Oh, and I dug up old supre leggings like these ones and wore them today.
Not too shabby.
Love the mix of floral dress and boyfriends blazer and chunky boots.

Side note.
This saturday I have the theme party at tank. Under the sea or over the boat or something of that nature.
And Maximillian is being a massive gay shithead and not letting me go as anything cool.
Coupled with the fact that HE isn't even dressing up.
I believe he deserves a good kick in the head.
And I hope he reads this and calls me.
Love you.

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