Saturday, March 27, 2010

A'int nothin gonna break a stride.

That was my weekend.
Whether it be full of the knowledge that someone you love dearly is being hurt and you feel powerless to stop it. But being there to see in her eyes that she will be okay no matter what the outcome.
Whether it be dragging my sorry working class ass out to the city only to get there as everyone leaves and feel super over it at 12.15AM.
Whether it being talking to a girl I never thought had anything between her ears, and being super surprised to hear everything she said and keenly interested.
Whether it being fully enjoying an entire day at work and the time flying by and not feeling over it or stressed at all.
Whether it being reminded of who someone was and regaling others on their history to feel discriminated against.
Whether it be my new shoes and dress and lipstick and eye-shadow all on their way to me right now.
All information and whethers aside. I am now enjoying my absolute favourite time of the week by far. Sitting with online having a jolly good time, while my favourite Maximillian is snoozing away peacefully next to me. It was our one year last thursday and though we didn't do anything big, the promises he made me were worth more to me than anything he could have ever given.
In saying that we are probably going to Queensland as he wants to take me to MOVIEWORLD!!! Definitely the most awesome place in Australia. Now that wonderland is closed.


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I V Y said...

oh i love the pic !