Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oompa Radar.

Oh dear. The whole worlds gone topsy turvy.
It;s 9.49AM on Monday the 15th of March. Well I successfully finished a full week of work 2 days ago and I'm about to leave to do 3 more then a day off then 3 more again. WOW all these hours of work and I haven't been paid yet. But it's only been a week so it's not the end of the world. What I do have to buy is a camera first and foremost. Then work clothes and shoes. Forever New have the cutest Isabel Marant copies that I must get.
But other than work life is very very
nice to me at the moment. Went out Saturday night and had a little bit of a party then came home for snuggles. The saw Alice in Wonderland. I liked it. Everyone was telling me how absolutely horrible it was as they'd gone in with expectations of the greatest film ever, and were disappointed. So I went in thinking it'd be terrible and came out surprised. Awesome.
Also my little Nikki is very very unwell and has been "holed up" at home. But as Facebook tells me she still went out on Sunday morning in the wee hours even though it wasn't IN 77 so it's "okay right?"
OH, also MAximillian's Mum is currently in Hong Kong and messaged him yesterday asking if I wanted anything from H&M. So stoked. On the sight now. And my own Mother is touring around Spain, Portugal, Madrid and all those exotic places shopping. How wonderful. Wish I could have a holiday. Work will have to do.
Much love.

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