Monday, March 8, 2010

When did you become so easy to change.

So. It's Monday night at 9.05PM on the 8Th of March. Several things are up.
1. I had Future music 2 days ago and although I was ridiculously sober I had the best time ever. Mainly due to the incredible people I went with by the names of Nikki, Morgan, Josh, Jess and Courtney. It was a mini group effort and we did have an amazing day which ended with them going to 77 and me to Piano room then back to Max's and schhleeping.
2. I have my first day of work tomorrow. I'M SO NERVOUS!!! I haven't started somewhere new in over a year. It's like starting at a new school. nerve racking. But Mum gave me money just before she left for her overseas trip to buy myself new Forever New clothes for work. So tomorrow morning for the first time in months I can guilt free shop! So excited.
3. I've said it before and I'll say it again. DAMN I love my boyfriend. Not just for the random times where he calms me down and explains things to me so I understand the, not just for his constant patience and understanding. But for the fact that I woke up this morning being spooned so amazingly lovingly I felt like the luckiest girl who ever lived. And when I went to move he just hugged me tighter so I never want to leave. I love him.
And now it is off to bed for me.
I love you all. Except if you hate me. Then I say, whaddyahatemeefoooorrr???

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