Sunday, March 21, 2010

Home is wherever I'm with you.

Good afternoon campers. What a weekend. What a weekend. There was the two days of store set-up I did friday and saturday. Then there was the official launch of Trashbags at Tank. Honestly I didn't think it'd go to well but they turned away 2,500 people and the club was at capacity by 11PM. So when I rocked up at like 10.05PM it was bedlam. There was at least 1,000+ people outside waiting and even if you'd been and come out to smoke you couldn't get back in. Dj's weren't being let in. Mayhem. So I sat down my favourite alley with my favourite Chelsea and Adrien and smoked up a storm for an hour, walked back to the line, saw a friend who works there got walked to the front door and handed my free card and strolled in, back to my BEDROOM. Now the Tank backroom bed is world famous as it is the place in Sydney for the elite to chill, have a comfy place to lay down and gurn or chat or do whatever without being disturbed highly by the public. Now the bedroom doesn't have a door or a curtain or a rope it is open to the public. But as I proved on saturday, it took me less than 3 minutes to walk in there and clear the 7 UGLY FERAL GIRLS OUTTA THERE. I know thats rude but its like when you reserve a booth for a friends party and people sit in it. It's your booth. And it's MY bed. SO, we chilled and partied till like 2.30AM which isn't very long but Max had a hotel room so we went there to chill. Literally sat there from 3AM till 8AM talking. Nothing else but talking. It was so lovely just to talk, which we always do but we always have places to go and stuff to do and this time we didn't so we could talk. Albeit talking led us home instead of staying there and we didn't get to sleep till around 12.30PM which was hard. But then we slept till like me 6.30 and Max like 8, so pretty good effort. Then we got dressed and went BACK out. This time to DeNoir at the Bank for Rhys' big event opening. It was HEAPS good. And there was a good crowd. But it is really difficult to have a sunday party start when its getting into winter. But he did good none the same. So now I'm laying in bed with a sleeping Maximillian running on 4% battery so must be off.
Until next time Wally watchers.


p.s. this is the puppy I want more than ANY other. I would call him Fizzgick.

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Fox said...

What lovely dogs x