Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I know you don't know me but.

Hard, hard, hard day at work. Took me four weeks, but I finally got yelled at. Oh well.
I did find out that I may have a new place to live as of next week, so thats exciting. A one bedroom for me and myself to relax and have ME time. Oh living in a house with reitred parents and a sister with no life sucks BALLS a lot of the time. Like when you want to try outfits on for the weekend on like a tuesday night, and there's only one full length mirror on your level, you go outside to look, and have your sister "ooohhh thats nice whats that for?" "Oooohh thats new where'd you get it??" "Oh I wish I was rich and could buy clothes all the time" "what're you doing?" FUCK OFF and gimme 5 minutes. Geez. Living alone will get lonely I admit. But it'll give me a nice break from never having a second to myself. In my house once you're in bed, thats where you stay. No getting out for food or tv. I have old parents. Yes I'm 23 and am trapped. But also my parents don't know I smoke, so there's no chance for a ciggie when I feel like it. Which is awesome for my health, but once I'm paying bills I'll probs not be able to afford them anyways. haha. But I will be asking for presents. Mainly a camera. Thanks Mum and Dad.

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Steph said...

I sympathise with your situation, I am stuck living at home for the moment. I moved home after transferring schools. It was to save money, not give me a headache :p I've been doing this for a year and a half. I hope to transfer in June for the last time to finish my undergrad and finally get out! Best of luck to ya! I'm 22 and my 50-something parents make me feel like I'm their age