Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Bad is good and to be good is simply boring"

The words that raised Malcolm McLaren.

Founder of the Sex Pistols.

For me think that I am a good person and do good things is a total lie. I believe if you cannot set a good example, lead as a horrible warning. The chances we get in the day and age we live in are limited only by our imaginations. Nothing can stop you getting to your goal unless you let them. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. If you want to be a circus clown, or a bar tender, or a corner street hooker. You should do it. Go ahead and do what makes you feel happy in this world because happiness is the strongest factor in our lives which we so often overlook. If you are happy you, smile more, laugh more, learn more, love more, and generally do MORE with your days. It doesn't matter if you only have $5 in your wallet if you've got someone by your side. For example, last night i hardly spent any money and managed to have a truly amazing night.* I truly believe it is the compamy you keep that makes you the person you are. And the company I keep is truly terrible, but ultimatly wonderful at the same time.

Here's to you Max and Michael.

*The one thing missing was her.



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