Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I may be the rudest person ever. But i'll always be honest

To explain to one person the love I have for my friends is impossible.
I love each of them in different and special ways.
As they are all different and special.
Especially on saturdays.Claire.
I could dance with you till the sun rose and set.
Whether its on a beach in Ibiza.
Or the tank dancefloor which is our second home.
You can lick Maximillian as much as you want.
He's still mine.

You are the reason I love myself so much.
You are the reason my hair is this way.

You make work bearable with your constant apperance for ciggie breaks.
And my arms heavy with Diva jewels.

Claire, again.
For with youi can really have fun but know i'm always safe.
A point which was proved on saturday when you took care of my retarded self.

Sophie, you represent Michael.
And all the other people that make my nights unforgetable.

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