Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love your way

This whole thing isn't just about how obsessed I am with all things clothes, unusual or down right obscense.

Its also about how I see the world.

I see the world in the same way as everyone else. Differently. No two people see the same object the same. The same trend the same. Or the same lover the same (sometimes). But thats the beauty of being everybody. Split it up and its Every Body. Every "different" body. Every "similar" body. Every "beautiful" body. Everybody deserves to be their own body. Move the way they want. Say what they want. Do what they want.

You need to be yourself before you can show yourself. Don't listen to the opinions of others if you don't want to. Don't do what they tell you should do. Don't wear what they tell you to wear, don't be anything other than who you are. Everybody is perfect in their own way. In a way you are a rare and special breed of human.

You may enjoy dressing up everyday and putting on your best for anyone you see. You may enjoy filling your day with people who love you. You may fill your day with people you think love you. But you'll see. Everyday is yours to SEIZE. It was created for you and those you love. Do with that day whatever you want, say what you want and poke out your tongue at strangers.

Cause you can.

Carpe Diem.


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