Wednesday, May 6, 2009


If you can remember back to when you were young. when time didn't matter and friends were an easy home call away. When thinking about being hungry ment following mum around the house asking, only to recieve the same response "wait till dinner".to a time when being nudged by your mother "thanks for having me" was standard for a play date. When just the idea of spending an afternoon at the park seemed normal, as long as you had your best friend next to you.

Those moments are the memories we only dwell on when sitting on public transport, looking at the alarm clock at 7am, or when seeing another generation in the same park you're thinking about.

For we wake up thinking what must be done, what must be said, who must be seen, what we must be paid.

To reserve a day in the job hunt, friend hunt, love search or nights out. To sit in that park and just swing on the swings, hang off the jungle gym or slip down the slide.

And not care. Not care about work, bills, money or all the things that make us stressed.

Thats a day we deserve.

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