Monday, May 18, 2009

live for the nights you'll never remember

With the ones you'll never forget.

Sometimes you go through your day just exsisting.

Just seeing, not doing.

Then there are the days (or more commonly nights) where everything is more amazing than you realised.

Where the people around you make you love more, laugh more, smile more.

But not so much think more. And by think more I mean, comprehend more.

My saturday was spent doing what I love.




And making a fool of myself.

These beautiful girls in this shot are 2 BIG reasons I had such a good night.

No one can bite fur like them.

No one can dance like Claire.

No one can phantom like Sez.

No one can seize to amaze me like Madds.

No one can tickle me like Fraser.


No one can love me like Maximillian.


No one can NOT be there to party like Michael.

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