Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hold me.

The time is 10.36PM on Tuesday the 9th of February.
Not only did I just have my amazing weekly sushi dinner with Sophie but I watched (500) Days of Summer. Amazing film. Really strange and disjointed but amazing. You see the typical role of the love sick woman be taken by Joseph Gordon-Lewit and the typical role of the non caring man be taken by Zooey Deschanel. She says she doesn't want anthing super serious from the start and he invests everything into it. Heaps sad, but really uplifting too. Empowering. Incredible soundtrack too.
My internet is screwed at the moment and due to waiting round for it to get fixed I have no motivation anymore. Awesome.
I'm getting paid to iron all the shirts in my house and I do so in front of my mum's computer watching streaming movies of the net. Anyone know any good films?? The more 80s the better.

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