Saturday, February 13, 2010

A kiss a cloud.

It's 10.09PM on Saturday the 13th of February. The eve of Valentines day. The night before roses prices are jacked through boys eye-balls. The night before countless men seek the most "original and romantic" wedding proposals. The night before, my first real Valentines day. Now I have had A boyfriend on ONE Valentines day, but he said "Happy shit day" to me to celebrate it. He hated Valentines day, can ya tell?? So tomorrow will be the first time I actually celebrate it. I've almost received something once. At school I was seeing a "boy" (it was year 10) and my name got called up to the school office alone with all the other girls names with flowers and roses awaiting them. My friends eagerly came to the office to witness the first "really" romantic thing that had ever happened to me, I was pumped. But when I got there it turned out I'd left my lunch at home and my Mum had decided to drop it up to me. Thanks. Barr the terrible humiliation of walking back, I then had to walk into about 30 girls with flowers as I left the office with my ham and cheese sandwhich and juice box. Thanks Mum.
So couple that wonderful experience and my ex's lovely wishes, and I really have NO expectations whatsoever. Max could give me a big hug and a kiss and I'd be as pleased as punch. But really. It's a day in the year to make couples feel pressured and singles sad. And I love it.. I mean FUCK it's ONE DAY!! 364 days we go about our relationships, together or not, as normal. And thanks to St Valentine we get ONE day to be forced to show our love. And I for one am so very happy about that. Everyone deserves to be happy and go about their lives as they see fit. And if you can share your life with someone who loves and adores you then you should. Who cares if they aren't perfect. Everything is flawed in this world. It's how you embrace those flaws that make you unique. I love my boyfriend more than ever each day that goes by. He tells me whats happening and I tell him. He talks to me and I to him. We communicate and get our stuff sorted. And for that, and him, I am eternally happy. Even if life doesn't go the way we planned, at least you know you had fun. Because that is what life is. Fun.
Have an amazing Valentines day. I'm a massive sap. Ha


Random London Girl said...

Hehe the school lunch story made me laugh (sorry!). I totally agree with you though, who cares if it is a manufactured holiday. It's just one friggin day! Why does everyone have to kill the joy out of it???

Paint it Black said...

lol the lunch story so funny. I got a valentines card when I was about 11 and it said ps dont tell anyone how fringing romantic I have always been unlucky in love but over the past x amount of years of being single the whole valentines day thing now passes me by quite easily. Have a super fab day xoxo