Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Uh huh yeah.

12.09Pm on Wednesday the 17th of February. Wow I'm currently watching G.I. Joe rise of the cobra. Channing Tatum is FIT!!! I could be doing so many things with my day but I chose to park my arse in front of the TV with mango sorbet and watch terrible films. BUT this does have Sienna Miller in it and I'm all for her, and she's in leather. I will admit I am super duper envious of her and all her awesome life. I mean she's like 26 and has starred in so many awesome films, mainly my favourite, Alfie, and she's got an amazing clothing line with twenty 8 twelve with her sister Savannah. She's done everything. Even Jude Law. Unlike Channing Tatum. Now he married that Jenna girl from Step Up, and miraculously turned from a sweet proper girl, into a massive porn star wannabe. Seriously she became so plastic its not funny. Oh well, each their own.
Today I am going to sit here and do nothing. Awesome life.

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