Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wrap me up.

Apparently these are the top 20 best 80's films.

Breakfast Club- Seen, Loved.
Goonies - Haven't seen.
Sixteen Candles- Yeah bit unrealistic
Back to the Future- Marty marry me?
Ferris Bueller's Day off- Ferris you too?
Pretty in Pink-HEAPS good movie. Oh Duckie.
Stand by Me- A young Jerry O'Connel but I haven't seen it.
Dirty Dancing- Nobody puts baby in the corner.
Top Gun-I hate Tom Cruise so will hate this I know it.
Lost Boys- Scared me.
Ghostbusters- Bits.
Fast Times At Ridgemont High- Bored me. Sorry.
Weird Science- Kelly LeBrock you are awesome.
Princess Bride- As you wish.
Footloose- Kevin Bacon is awesome.
Empire Strikes Back- Never seen an old Star Wars.
Raiders of the Lost Ark- Never seen anything Indiana
Karate Kid- Seen all three. Thanks Max.
Say Anything- Huh?
E.T.- Never seen it. Did I have a childhood?
Better Off Dead- Huh again?
Nice. Need to bone up on my 80s knowledge.
Oh WAIT I'm going to the back to the 80s exhibition tomorrow. Awesome.

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A_Dreamer said...

I very much enjoyed this list...
I havent seen the Goonies either, there are constant references to it in soooo many TV shows and movies? I think we are missing out on something.
Haha, Karate Kid, Ben bought the trilogy box set a few weeks ago, thanks Ben... and Max!