Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bu Bu Bu Benny and the Jets.

The time is 11.05PM on Saturday night. It is raining cats and dogs outside and due to that my house is leaking. And my internet isn't working in my room so I'm down in Mum's. Awesome. I braved the rain last night and I'm so glad I didn't do it again. I believe rain is incredible but it's so much more magical when you're snuggled up with a lover and watching a movie. Like Max and I today, we watched Blade Runner (1985, Daryl Hanna and Harrison Ford) while it pelted outside. Not the most romantic of films but meh. And now he's at work in the rain schmoozing with all the old bitties at Piano Room while I'm cosy and unthreathened at home. But I will be out in full force with Nicole tomorrow night and I cannot wait. I know I said I'd do outfit posts but my whole family is home tonight, Fuck we're all lame, and it would turn into, due to the full length mirror being OUTSIDE my room, fail, a full on family affair and I just can't take that kind of pressure. OH GOODNESS!!! It's all over in my head. Time for a movie alone and beddy byes..

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