Friday, February 5, 2010

I'll be loose I'll be carefree.

The time is 5.08AM on saturday the 6th of February. Geez I am tired.. After prancing around in the rain all night with amazing friends and gorgeous people it's nice to come home and just sit for a minute.. Albeit I am at Max's house with HEAPS of blue eye shadow on and NO make-up remover to speak of so my eyes are about to rot out.. But meh.. I just love that my eye shadow, underwear and nail polish is all the same blue. I used to not like blue. It's a boys colour. Not today apparently. I like it. Says the me who dressed myself however many hours ago. What I love about my life right now is that I won't stand for shit. I won't let it happen to me or anyone around me. Full stop. No returns. I believe everyone is individual and amazing in their own way. But not when they force themselves upon others. That is where I get cranky. Ha cranky is a real word. For some reason I thought it was a made up word. WOW I am HEAPS dumb sometimes. Ha. I want to sleep, I want to blog, I want to shop, I want to party. Why is life so hard. Nope, nope, life isn't hard. We're the chosen ones. We survived to become who we are today when we could have lost out in the whole copulating process that is "becoming pregnant". So many poor lost soldiers missed out on the greatest gift. Life. Live it. It's yours. Don't just survive. Thrive. The world is amazing. And no matter how hard you'll try you'll never see it all. So start to at least see most of it as quick as you can. Please?


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