Sunday, February 28, 2010

He's really don it now

Keep on swingin keep on swingin..
It's 12.24PM on March the 2nd my Sister Astrid's 29th birthday!! HOLY SHIT!! She old.. So last night Amy and I made pink and blue cupcakes at Max's house and then Alix came over to ice them then Max and Johnny came and ATE THEM.. Not all but a couple. Will post photos this afternoon. But right now I'm super doper excited that it's FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL this weekend!!! And above are my outfit inspirations and I am so pumped and excited and happy and nervous. As this will be my 4TH Future.. OMG.. I really love the doc martins with all the trinkets on them but I'm sceptical as I don't know if I'll have to wear stockings due to the weather or go bare legs. And if I do go stockings and it gets hot but my shoes are strapped to my feet WHAT WOULD I DO??? I'd be HEAPS stuck in them.. haha
Oh so many things to think about. AND I start work this time next week. Oh my life is on the GO!!!

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