Monday, August 24, 2009

Cover your body with tell tale secrets.

There is no such thing as perfect for everyone.

Everyone has faults.

Everyone makes mistakes.

Everyone has flaws that cannot be over looked.

Everyone has imperfections that upset some people.

It is the one person who can look at each and everyone of your faults, past mistakes, flaws and imperfection and see you just as you are, standing in front of them, heart open and soul bared, and truly love you.
That is the person for you.
Understandable we each meet different people and fall in love with them at all major points of our lives.
No relationship which holds love is ever dull.
You can't say that the time you spent with the second, third or fourth love of your life was boring. Something about it made it so special that that love blossomed.
And when that love failed you.
You found it again.
But this time it feels different. As they all do, but more special than anything you could ever hope for.
Whether it's them saying that marriage is something you only do once in your life. Or when you say "xxxxxxx infinity" and they say "plus one".
Even the smallest things bring you joy.
And the fire that ignites in his eyes with passion and anger, reminds you that, even though he is as angry as a mad man. Deep down he's only doing it to protect you and him. From hurt or upset.
If it wasn't for the fire we wouldn't have the love we do.
If it wasn't for the forgiveness we wouldn't have the appreciation.
If it wasn't for the understanding we wouldn't have the care.
If it wasn't for everything we do to look like we did nothing we wouldn't care half as much.
Infinity plus one.

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