Sunday, August 9, 2009

You'll always be the story with no ending.

When the photos get put up on OneLove I'll post a shot of my new dress. Long sleeve, low back, body con kinda and it's black with strips of red sequins. Kinda like the 80's mixed with 09' Balmain.

Tried this look a while ago, false eyelashed on the top and bottom. Possibly because I had a full fringe which hid them, but I kinda looked down syndrome. But I think if you see them in all their glory with no hair in the way, then it could work.

Hooker boots.
Lindsay Lohan.
Racy pose.
Something isn't quite right.
If you've had the missfortune of seeing I know who killed me then you'll know what I'm talking about.
Thanks to my amazing gift of hoarding stuff, mostly that doesn't belong to me, I still have Seraina's black dress. Now me thinks it should come out again with heels, socks and a sequin beanie. Do I have an original bone in my body??
Or maybe I should get the dress pattern and make it out of velvet patches my Mum has.
Ooohhh I love a good art project.

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