Friday, August 14, 2009

The look of love.

The thing that sucks right now.
Due to the fact that I'm the laziest 23yr old I know, I have no "real" license. By that I mean I've never really driven. I have a license I just haven't done anything with it. And that leaves me in a pickle when I really feel like strolling down crown street right now. But as much as I love the train as my time alone to unwind, and I love walking. I also just wanna be there right now. Which wouldn't be so bad usually coz Max is lovely and drives but he is out like a light. Dammit.

And the main reason I want to go outside is to wear shorts and Doc's and strut looking all schmick.

Tutu and light acid wash. Need I say more?

Studs and leather and mesh and denim. Yummy??

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