Friday, August 14, 2009

Redhead girl

I love to love in the city of my dreams.
The city of my heart.
The care that I hold and the passion I create.
Is thanks to the people who I know. Who I encounter. Who I care for.
No one can be an island. Everyone needs visitors.
Everyone needs care. Everyone needs hugs. Everyone needs kisses.
For people will search for years, or decades, or their whole lives thinking they haven't found what they think they deserve. But what of the people on the way, that deserved them.
You can't predict the future, what fun would that be.
Just knowing you can't control what will happen, shouldn't govern how you think now.
Thinking that something trivial will make you happy, will make you more miserable than the wait.
You cannot rest your life on a simple choice hoping that would be the defining factor in your life.
Everyday is a defining factor. Every minute tells a tale.
You cannot hold onto things that hurt you, because they're the ones that will destroy you.
No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.
No one can take away the memories you have, but you.
No one can tell you how to live, it's not their life.
But you can listen to the ones who are close, and take their words, not for gospel, but with a grain of salt.
You can listen to people's opinion till they're blue in the face, but you should always try to take in a little but more of what they say. Not how much they say, but what they say.
If everyone got together and put all their problems on a table, you'd be scratching to get yours back in a heartbeat.

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