Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yet still you wind me round and around and around.

This reminds me of my lil mate Sophie.
Always in her tutu, which I NEED to borrow one day.
And got me into stay up tights.
Beautiful lady.
Love these shoes hey.
Identical copies at Rubi shoes. Could I bring myself to buy them?
And I know wet look leggings are kind of a myth now. But I saw a pair at cotton on. Dare I enter Rubi's sister store too??
Miss my turban. Emerald green velvet. Nice.


sugar-tonic said...

no! dont you dare buy ANYTHING from rubi or cotton on! and your turban was hot hot hot this morning!

Giz said...

considering I saw a really oversized girl on saturday night wearing said wet look leggings with all her junk hanging out.. I shudder the thought.. That and after years of working at wittner, I couldn't do plastic shoes.. *shudder*